Who's Rowing Your Boat:

Building Administrative Teams

Are you tired of turnovers in your organizations? Is finding the right people to move your organization forward on your to-do list, yet you are still running your organization by yourself?

Everyone wants a winning team. But do you know how to identify the characteristics of winning a winning team? What are the keys to maintaining members of your organization? Has your organization stalled, then this book will help you move in a forward direction.

Leaders, you do not have to "row it alone!"

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If you are a leader, then read this book. Whether you manage in a corporation or a nonprofit, "Who's Rowing Your Boat" is a keep safe. All the experiences provided by the author are practical and timeless, "servant-leadership" is an art that has long been misunderstood.

Pastor Tyrell Murray, MBA

I'm so excited!! I highly encourage you to go brag about this book. In this year of execution, I'm so proud of her for sharing her years of experience with us all. Listen, Michelle Small is one of the reasons I have bloomed in my career in Program Coordination and Project Management. She has personally mentored me, given me hands-on knowledge and encouragement at times when I thought I couldn't do the job.

ūüó£Go order your book (especially if you're looking for personal development).

Kayla Burell, Associated Project Manager

Michelle, I was excited to receive my autographed copy of your book!

It was spot on about, "..life experiences are lived in the spaces in-between the words." It was refreshing to read a book that gets to the core of administrative teams!

Seems as though I've been in every position in the boat!ūü§£ It also made me think about how important well-rounded individuals are needed. It's the total package: skills, appearance, and know-how.

This book isn't just corporate - it's for everyone that wants to have an administrative team of strength.

Valerie Hawkins, Newsroom Office Manager - AJC

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